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PICS Consortium certificate

Reliable Hauling

Our 24/7 dispatch is ready to serve you.

Western Canada Commercial Hauling Committed to Safety


First and foremost, Mayne Transport and Recovery Inc makes safety a focal point. We are the only transportation operation in Northern Alberta to offer a comprehensive safety program accompanied by a satisfactory, audited safety rating from Transport Canada. In addition, we have the extensive insurance and WCB our customers require.


Operator Training and Support

Mayne Transport and Recovery Inc is proud to provide all our employees with extensive and ongoing training in TDG, cargo securement, hours of service, trip inspection, fatigue management as well as a comprehensive orientation program to ensure the highest level of safety and service.

Hauling hazardous material

Next, our entire operation, including 24-hour dispatch, maintenance, fleet storage and accounting, is all in one central, purpose-built location. This measure helps ensure all of your transactions go smoothly from dispatch to accounting.

Modern Units with GPS Capability

In our many years of serving Western Canada, we have learned the value of a qualified staff. We have no less than 10 employees on call at all times to serve you with modern units, all of which are equipped with GPS to enhance safety for our operators. When required, we have a network of subcontractors with whom we have forged strong, long-standing relationships which helps to expedite any large jobs you may have.

In closing, when you have the need for transport and recovery service in Western Canada, you can work with a company who makes safety a top priority. Mayne Transport and Recovery Inc looks forward to serving you!


We are a proud member of ComplyWorks.

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